Kvcore Tools

Why kvCORE?

kvCORE is a powerful, industry-leading CRM, utilizing AI technology, that promises to increase productivity and sales for the savvy agent and broker. kvCORE has tons of features that help keep you organized and efficient.


You can begin your kvCORE experience by completing the kvCORE Agent Success Plan found in the kvCORE Learning Portal. It guides you through a tried-and-true process to manage and grow your business.


With kvCORE, you can create a customizable IDX website to help you attract leads. kvCORE website functions include several lead capture widgets.


Part of the beauty of kvCORE is its highly effective automation. kvCORE completes many, important tasks on its own, saving the user loads of time, and also prompts the user to prioritize tasks to stay on point and increase sales.


A useful feature of kvCORE is drip campaigns. They help you keep your contacts engaged with useful messaging at appropriate intervals, enhancing your value and reputation as an expert and professional with your audience.


Another potent tool integrated into kvCORE is a one-click posting of listings to Facebook. Boosting ads on Facebook is an extremely valuable marketing tool, as you can choose the specific location and market to whom you want to target the ads. This way, you are getting your ads seen by precisely who you want to see them. Global Luxury Realty has had great success with targeted, boosted Facebook ads – an efficient investment of your marketing dollars.


Because of the size and influence of Global Luxury Realty, GLR agents are able to take advantage of a remarkable discount to subscribe to kvCORE and take advantage of its many useful and valuable features.