Bill Gardner

How Bill Gardner Keeps Global Luxury Realty, LLC on Top of the Game​

To be successful, a Licensed Professional Real Estate  needs to pay careful attention to the needs and concerns of his agents and clients. Satisfying the expectations of clients necessitates paying attention to important details and anticipating potential challenges before they even present themselves. This kind of preparedness is something that many clients appreciate, but very few agents take heart to doing. But not Bill Gardner, owner of Keeps Global Luxury Realty, LLC. By making sure that he makes himself available to attend to the concerns of his agents and clients, he has kept his real estate company on top of the game.

To say that Bill is a hardworking business owner is an understatement. He spends a huge part of his day receiving calls and responding to the concerns of nearly 600 real estate agents, all of whom are committed to learning his best practices and succeeding in the industry as well.

Right from the very beginning, Bill knew he was destined to succeed in the real estate business. He envisioned himself helping his clients, especially first-time homeowners, make their dreams come true. He finished a degree in Business Communications at Ohio University. After completing his degree, he worked as a sales representative for an insurance company for a couple of years. Between 1985 to 1989, he was connected with Combined Insurance/ Capitol American Insurance and New York Life.

In 2004, Bill decided he needed a much-needed change of scenery and picked Florida, where he became a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent. After getting his license, he started selling and listing properties in the Greater Miami Metropolitan Area. With work, determination, and a lot of patience, Bill eventually reached his success. In the first two years of his career as a professional real estate agent, he was able to close a staggering 60 real estate transactions.

His inspiring and humbling success story motivated Bill Gardner to establish his own real estate venture. He had a clear financial goal apart from his passion for helping people get their desired properties. With sheer determination, Bill was able to successfully grow his company from zero to 600 agents in just a span of  years, proof that he has made Global Luxury Realty a sought-after real estate company, not just for property seekers but also for real estate agents who wish to be mentored and learn the ropes of the business.

Over the years, Bill Gardner has been nominated and accepted to the Florida Association of Realtors broker advisory board and has managed to successfully close 8,000 transactions.

Clearly, Bill is a hands-on type of person, and this may have been a key ingredient in his success. Most company owners leave all the hard work to the members of the team while they wait for the results. His staggering success is nothing short of a genuine inspiration that can encourage people to dream big and pursue it relentlessly. Just as Bill reached his success, he believes that with the right amount of mentoring, they, too, can become successful in their respective fields.


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